Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar?

I get many people asking this question: “Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar”? Yes or No? Most people you might talk to might boldly say “Yes!”, but the truth is exercise will lower blood sugar only and only if done correctly.

Exercise to Lower Blood SugarWhy Exercise?

Essentially, exercising is key to keeping sugars consistent. It increases insulin sensitivity and helps your muscles pick up sugars from the blood. This can lead to reduced blood sugar levels. Think about what activities you find the most joy in and pursue them. Some easy examples include:

  • Walking
  • Sports
  • Gardening
  • Light Weights
  • Bicycling
  • Running
  • Housework
  • Meditation

How Can You Use Exercise Effectively?

Step 1)  Make a Daily Exercise Schedule

  • Write down in a journal
  • Calendar
  • At least 3-4 times a week

Step 2) Write Down the List of Exercises You Will Do

  • Some Great Ones:
  • Set of 20 Jumping Jacks
  • Push-Ups
  • Frog Jumps
  • Planks
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Touching Toes
  • Jumps

Step 3) Set the Times of Day You Will Properly Exercise

  • 2-3 times in the day is recommended
  • No more than 3 times
  • 10-20 minute intervals

Step 4) Set Reminders

  • Don’t miss out on the times you promised yourself to exercise
  • Daily Exercise
  • Focus on Diet as well

Lowering Blood Glucose Schedule

Why Does Exercise Work?

Whenever we exercise, our heart beats faster than normal which makes breathing to be a little harder. While exercising, muscles use more glucose, which ends up reducing blood sugar. Over a period of time and with constant exercise, blood sugar levels will end up lower. Another factor to consider is that it leads to the insulin in your body to work better.

High Blood Sugar Tips

Do NOT Overdo It!

As stated earlier, the best results come from consistent planning. If you overdo your exercise routines, you are not only letting yourself exposed to potential injuries, but you can actually create more stress hormones and in turn, leading to high blood sugars.

Measuring Blood Sugar

Each time you exercise, measure your blood sugar before and after. Jot down how long you exercised for, sugar levels, and how you feel.

Can you lower blood sugar

Success Stories

“I was at 215 mg/dL earlier today. I went on to a trampoline for a little bit which brought it down to 189. Then I rode my bike for about 30 minutes covering a little over 1 mile. My bg was 131 and then at 108 by dinner.”


“After only 1 month of consistent exercising, I have begun to see very healthy blood sugar levels. At one point I was averaging past 200 mg/dL, but by following a set routine and schedule along with writing down my reflection, I was able to accomplish my goal. Although I didn’t think it was possible, it  amazed me to see the end results.”


“When people would tell me exercise would solve my high blood sugar, I would be quite skeptical to be quite honest. I decided to try following a set number of exercises on a daily basis and was seeing short-term successes. I continued exercising till I noticed consistency. And now after 6 months of starting an exercise journal, I continue exercising mainly because it helps maintain my blood sugar.”


“For me, I was overweight. Exercising seemed far off for me personally. I decided to give it a shot and began jogging outside and even doing simple ones like jumping jacks or walking at home. I noticed reductions in blood sugar immediately. However, after I thought I was done, I stopped exercising only to realize that my blood sugar shot right back up. I feel like exercise is important but diet is most important in our lives. I began to exercise more often in the week and began noticing results. I made sure not to do it only for a few days but to make it a routine.”

When Is It Not a Good Idea to Exercise?

We recommend not to be doing strenuous exercising at blood sugar levels past 250 mg/dL. In that case, a light walk or mild movement is appropriate. There is a high risk for complications when you get your blood pumping that high.

Different For Everyone…

Everyone is built differently, with different passions and interests. For some people, one type of exercise works better. This method is known as trial and error exercise: Over a span of few days, take time to figure out which exercises have the most impact on your blood sugar. Pick those very exercises to pursue over the next few months. This way, not only will you be continuing activities that you genuinely enjoy, but you also will observe better results.

Blood Sugar Results

Our Journey, Our Mission, Our Health

There are many ways to lower blood sugar, naturally and through effective supplements. Be sure to check out which methods might work best for you. It’s different for everyone. Personally, a combination of natural factors, proper routine, lifestyle modifications, and effective supplements worked wonderfully.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of frustration or lack of understanding, in need of assistance, feel free to leave a comment below or be sure to reach out to contact@howtolowerbloodsugarlevels.com.

Our team has much experience with lowering blood sugar. We can relate to your issues, and serve to bring forth long-term results and share our successes with you.

Measure and Lower Blood Sugar

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